Firefly Productions, Viaplay Group, Joomboos, RTV Slovenia, CineLink Drama and BH Telecom displayed their upcoming projects


Zagreb, December 8, 2022 – During the central NEM Zagreb 2022 event, Content Showcase, a series of new TV projects from the region and Europe were presented. During a two-hour program, more than 30 titles were presented, and 16 speakers from 6 renowned companies intrigued the audience.

  • Firefly Productions presented international projects Gorilla, Margo Lane Trilogy, Rabies, second seasons of series Tycoon and No Trespassing as well new titles which will be filming and coming out in 2023: The Fall, The Absolute 100, Frust and Constatines’s Crossing.
  • Joomboos revealed what will come next from their creative workshop after the extremely popular teen series Outsiders i Tea’s Diaries. Their documentary series in development is about the mental health of Nikola Tesla. The author is Igor Rudan, otherwise known as the best scientist in the world in the field of psychology and mental health. Through the series, viewers will take a peek into the mind of one of the world’s greatest geniuses and try to find the answer to how he made all his discoveries.


  • Viaplay Group presented original Viaplay Select content: series Fenris, The Dreamer, Below, Who Shot Otto Mueller, End Of Summer, The Family, The Beach Hotel, movies Gold Run, R.S.V.P., Suedi and non-scripted Natascha Kampusch – A Lifetime In Prison, American Runstone.

Peter Torkelsson, Senior Content Sales Manager, Viaplay Group: „Viaplay Select is an innovative concept that enables partners around the world to bring the best storytellers to their audience. Viaplay Select has arrived on Pickbox NOW, and therefore to seven new countries. We are so proud of this partnership. At Pickbox, new projects include crime fiction, dramedies, documentaries, entertainment content, young adult content, Nordic noir, and festival darlings – there is something for everyone.“

  • RTV Slovenia presented their praised crime TV series which thrilled audiences and critics and announced new seasons for some of them: The Lake, Cases of Inspector Vrenko 2 and Trigrad.
  • CineLink Drama presented three drama series in development from SE Europe: Rumpus, Nighttime and Turkish Ambassador
  • BH Telecom presented seven upcoming series, which confirmed their new role in the production of drama series: On the Edge of the Reason, Tender, Komar, Prince from LA, I Was Once an Imam, I Know How You Breathe and Kotlina.

Sedin Kahriman, General Manager, BH Telecom: „BH Telecom is going through an exciting, transformational journey. Three years ago, we made a strategic decision, we recognized the role of content and announced BH Content Lab – we want to build the biggest domestic platform for the production of the audiovizual content. We are open for production on a regional and global level.“


Content Showcase was followed by the Co-production Networking Lunch which gathered numerous independent producers and production and TV houses representatives. To improve connections for audiovisual professionals, a private lunch was organized as a chance for a more quality networking between participants with similar business interests in the field of coproduction. Presented projects from the Content Showcase and coproduction was one of the ongoing themes.


For more information visit the official website NEM Zagreb 2022 and NEM Dubrovnik 2023.