NEM Zagreb is all about green


With the importance of green initiatives in mind, NEM Zagreb is all about green! An event that is all about TV series & film creation, is held in December, at Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, Antuna Mihanovića 1. The hotel is certified as a sustainable location.

To make the whole NEM Zagreb experience more green, there are many ways to reach the beautiful Esplanade Zagreb Hotel! The Main Railway Station is located only 3 minutes from the hotel, from where you can reach various points in the city by tram, train or bus and you can even reach the Franjo Tuđman airport.

  • By tram – check out the tram lines here 
  • By train – reach different part of the city and its surroundings from the Main Railway Station 
  • By bus – discover the bus lines here 

The Main Railway Station also holds the taxi stand where you can travel by car, although traveling with car has a negative impact on the environment such as air pollution, noise pollution, climate change and much more!

Also, we can’t ignore the fact that traveling by plane also has a negative impact on the environment. The aviation industry contributes significantly to carbon emissions, contributing to climate change and air pollution. The massive fuel consumption of airplanes releases greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere, worsening global warming. While air travel offers convenience, its adverse effects highlight the need for sustainable alternatives and responsible travel choices.

If you are a person with a disability, we kindly ask you to approach the NEM’s Registration desk or hotel reception for more information and assistance.

Also, NEM Zagreb has taken additional steps when it comes to green initiatives by adding the seed paper wristband. The event’s wristband is eco-friendly and made from biodegradable paper embedded with seeds. After use, the wristband can be planted in soil, where the paper decomposes and the seeds germinate, leading to the growth of plants. The instructions will be shown on the inside of the wristband.

Furthermore, NEM Zagreb will provide recycling options at the location. Waste separation plays a crucial role in environmental conservation. By sorting recyclables like paper, plastic, glass, and organic waste separately, communities enable efficient recycling processes. This practice not only reduces the burden on landfills but also conserves resources by reusing materials. All printed materials that are going to be used at the three-day event are intended for reuse or will be recycled properly.

Throughout the three-day event, our technology is meticulously tailored to align with the latest energy certifications, significantly curbing electricity consumption while guaranteeing top-notch energy efficiency. This commitment ensures that every aspect of operation optimizes energy usage, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and responsible resource management.

Enhance your NEM Zagreb experience and try local food during the event! Don’t miss the famous štrukle (a pastry made from drawn dough filled with cow cheese topped with fine cream) and enjoy fresh food from regional cultivation. NEM Zagreb is making every effort to reduce the amount of food wasted, so we kindly ask guests to consider the amount of portions they take and leave during the event.

To ensure everything runs smoothly and aligns with the green philosophy, we have a dedicated sustainability personnel on-site solely responsible for overseeing sustainability aspects during the event.


Green event initiatives play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and responsible future for our planet. These initiatives not only emphasize environmental consciousness but also generate positive economic impacts through the adoption of responsible practices.

Green event initiatives serve as an opportunity to raise awareness and educate participants about sustainable practices. This, in turn, inspires individuals to make more eco-friendly choices in their daily lives, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

The social impact of green event initiatives also holds a very important place by fostering environmental consciousness and sustainable practices within communities. They not only reduce the ecological footprint of events but also inspire attendees to adopt eco-friendly habits in their daily lives. By showcasing renewable energy, minimizing waste, and promoting ethical sourcing, these events serve as powerful catalysts for raising awareness and driving collective action toward a more environmentally responsible society. They are also very important in engaging local communities, empowering them to participate actively in creating a healthier, greener world for future generations.

In the end, embracing sustainable practices doesn’t just benefit the environment; it also yields economic advantages. Companies and organizations that incorporate green elements into their events often experience cost savings in areas such as energy, water, and waste management. Furthermore, they enhance their brand image and reputation, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and partners. Sustainable events can attract more attendees and sponsors who value responsible business practices, leading to increased revenue and growth.