Dubrovnik, the „Pearl of the Adriatic“, a city which you really have to visit while you’re alive. No matter if it’s your first time visiting, or you came back to visit it again, the impression it leaves on you is indescribable. The beauty of Dubrovnik is described in many media headings which often include it within the most elite tourist destinations. Only the locals can tell you what is worth seeing in Dubrovnik and why is it worth staying there for a while.

What is Dubrovnik’s secret that keeps you from leaving?

The secret might lie within the Adriatic Sea and its geographic position. Dubrovnik is located in the south of Croatia, in the Dalmatian region. Dubrovnik has more than 250 sunny days per year and the average temperature during the summer is 25 °C. The swimming season starts in April and lasts until October. This advantage can be used on beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea and different seabed variations according to your own preference – sand, pebbles, rocks… Along with the abundance of sun and beaches, Dubrovnik also has a big eno-gastro offer which is consisted of Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the Adriatic Sea and the best Croatian wines.

One of the secrets is definitely the old historic core of Dubrovnik. According to historical sources, Dubrovnik has been established in the 7th century. Most of the old historic core was built during the 15th and 16th century. Apart from the romantic and long main street, the popular Stradun, your heart will be taken by the Walls of Dubrovnik which are 1940 meters long and they are facing all four sides of the world. The bravest ones who decide to walk all the way around will bring home an unforgettable experience.

Along with the City Walls and Stradun, Dubrovnik also has a lot of castles and forts, monasteries, palaces and summer villas, buildings that are made from stone strongly defying the passage of time. These locations amazed the media industry, so the fact that „The Game of Thrones“ and „Star Wars: Episode VIII“ doesn’t surprise us at all. The mountain Srđ, looking down at the old historic core, protects the city from the wind. That’s also how Dubrovnik got its name; the forests on the mountain were full of oak trees (the word „dubrava“ means forest).

NEM chose Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik chose NEM. The combination of business and leisure is everyone’s dream and we can make that dream come true. Allow Dubrovnik to charm you, establish important connections, experience the night life and bring home the best stuff the charming country of Croatia has to offer.