Year: 2023

Country of origin: Serbia

Production: RTS 

Co-production: GFC production

Broadcaster: RTS

Director: Nedeljko Kovačić

Writers: Nedeljko Kovačić, Kristina Đuković

Actors: Jovana Stoiljković, Petar Zekavica,Viktor Savić,Aleksandar Srećković,Nikola Kojo, Anita Mančić

Synopsis:The leading character of VERA is a young woman caught in the grip not only of a wartime espionage network but also of a patriarchal society in the Balkans swarming with powerful, arrogant men she bravely and brazenly deals with. The series gives a female point of view and addresses the position of women in a predominantly male world – both the traditional Balkan and the professional espionage. That is why VERA, first of all, is a women’s series, a story about a woman in a man’s world, and that is why it is relevant for the present moment: it is a possible and appropriate story even today, more than 70 years later.