Troll Farm

Trolių ferma

Year: 2023

Country of origin: Lithuania

Producer: Gabija Siurbytė

Broadcaster: Lithuanian National Radio and Television, Telia Play (Lithuania)

Director: Ernestas Jankauskas

Writers: Domantė Urmonaitė, Martynas Mendelis

Actors: Gabija Siurbytė, Andrius Paulavičius, Roberta Sirgėdaitė, Valentinas Krulikovskis

Synopsis: After being wrongly fired from Melta Cosmetics, an international beauty brand that released a hazardous make-up line for teenagers, Ana is determined to clear out her name and prove to the world that she was a scapegoat. With her reputation ruined and family broken, Ana’s mind screams a single thought – DESTROY. Destroy Melta Cosmetics. Destroy her pretentious boss Adomas Gylys. Destroy his two-faced office minions. Armed with Agriculture for Dummies and extensive corporate job experience, Ana ends up running two farms. While growing apples and raising chickens work as an excellent cover, Ana’s passion lies with her underground business – Troll Farm, designed to destroy shady corporations. To get back the freedom of speech she was ripped off, she designs a fake personality, destined to become society’s voice of reason – Judith. The Troll Farm sucks all Ana’s savings and time. In the meantime, Ana’s beloved daughter keeps facing an empty chair at dance competitions. Hurt by her parents’ separation, Emily turns into a 9-year-old terrorist in a glamorous dress, determined to elbow her way into the victory. Getting closer to her daughter will turn out to be as challenging as getting her revenge – it’s impossible to have it all. Throughout the season, Ana will inevitably get dirt under her nails – blinded by her desire for revenge, she is slowly turning into the same manipulative beast she’s fighting.

Troll Farm: Trailer

Troll Farm: Episode 1