The Visit


Year: 2022

Country of origin: Serbia

Production: “Mir Media” for “Telekom Srbija”

Broadcaster: Superstar TV

Directors: Veljko Mićunović, Mina Đukić, Uroš Tomić

Writer: Vladimir Simić

Actors: Gordan Kičić, Strahinja Blažić, Nikolina Friganović, Vanja Ejdus, Vaja Dujović

Synopsis: After extensive research including hundreds of court and prosecution cases, and conversations with over twenty lawyers, we have decided to cover the first five stories. Even though it seems at first glance that the story is set in a classic criminal/investigative setting, the five stories do not follow cruel murderers and criminals. The series rather follow, in its essence, true events in the world of courts and the prosecution, telling the important stories of authentic human destinies. Told in that way, these stories have a great potential in audiences’ identification with the protagonists.

A mother, driving home with her infant daughter, is stopped at customs and discovers a suitcase filled with stolen loot in her trunk. Simultaneously, her husband is apprehended at their residence and accused of concealing the remaining stolen goods, allegedly persuading his wife to assist him. With both of them in custody and their toddler in care, a race against time ensues to secure their release without compromising their integrity.

The visit: Trailer

The visit: Episode 2