The Uninvited Guests

Nelūgtie viesi

Year: 2023

Country of origin: Latvia

Producer: Lelde Kovalova (SIA)

Broadcaster: Tet TV+

Director: Vladislav Kovalyov

Writer: Vladislav Kovalyov

Actors: Niklavs Kurpnieks, Andris Daugavins, Gerda Embure, Andrejs Alens, Martins Kalita

Synopsis: 52-year-old Richard Everson was once an excellent investigator, but his drinking problems led to him losing his job. He unexpectedly receives an offer to re-join the police, but he will have to work on a new case with Oskar (28), an ambitious and young investigator who wants to improve society.  It becomes a challenge for both investigators to investigate a murder at a party, with all witnesses lying and no one prepared to tell the truth.

The Uninvited Guests: Trailer

The Uninvited Guests: Episode 1