The Swap 2

Kukacky 2

Year: 2023

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Producers: Filip Bobinski, Petr Sizling – Dramedy Productions

Broadcaster: Czech Television (CT1)

Director: Biser A. Arichtev

Writer: Jan Coufal

Actors: Marta Dancingerová, Marek Adamczyk, Viktor Sekanina, Sabina Remundová, David Novotný, Theo Schaefer, Michal Isteník

Synopsis: The Swap series tells the story of a young married couple who discover that their son is not theirs. When they learn that they have been mistaken, they must decide what to do. No solution is good. The mix-up of children in a small town affects not only the families directly involved, but also the other residents. Since the swap occurred at the local hospital, the fateful event will affect the lives of many others. To understand the ties and relationships between the people in the town, the narrative will also touch on events in the past. People carry their secrets and unfulfilled desires, which come to the surface at critical moments.

The Swap 2: Trailer

The Swap 2: Episode 1