The King

A Király

Year: 2022

Country of origin: Hungary

Producers: Péter Herman, István Bodzsár

Broadcaster: RTL Hungary

Directors: Dániel Richárd Kovács, Virág Zomborácz, István Kovács

Writers: Virág Zomborácz, Péter Akar, Márton Bárány

Actors: Renátó Olasz, Viktória Staub, Ervin Nagy, Judit Schell, András Ötvös, Milán Schruff, Nóra Rainer-Micsinyei, Vera Sipos

Synopsis: The King, explores the life and tragic death of Jimmy Zámbó, one of the most influential figures in Hungarian popular music after the fall of communism, and mixed real events with fictional elements. Jimmy’s family and his career are the most important things in his life, and he constantly puts them in danger with his self-destructive lifestyle. There are also many question marks over his death: the tabloids, news reports and urban legends have suggested that it was not an accident, but a suicide, or even murder. Everyone knows the end of the story: the King is dead. But what led up to this?

The King: Trailer

The King: Episode 1