The Hollow


Year: 2022

Country of origin: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Production: SCCA/ for BHCL, BH Telecom

Broadcaster: MY TV (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Directors: Danis Tanović, Aida Begić-Zubčević

Writers: Amra Bakšić Čamo, Nikola Kuprešanin, Adnan Lugonić, Danis Tanović

Actors: Feđa Štukan, Boris Ler, Ida Keškić, Mario Knezović, Vedrana Božinović

Synopsis: The body of an unknown man is discovered in the garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo. Chief inspector Edib Pašić is called upon to the crime scene. At first it is considered either an accident or murder of a migrant. After all, cases seemingly completely insignificant and of almost zero importance to the media are the kind he has been working on for the past decade, together with his younger colleague, inspector Medo Zec. This case too dies out quickly as it is reported as short news on the portals. A journalist from the Sloboda online magazine, Ajla Pašić, happens to be at the crime scene with a camera. On the same day, Senči, Edib’s war comrade, living his life on the other side of the law, returns to Sarajevo from prison. The disappearance of the corpse from the morgue and the hidden motives of the Museum’s employees lead Edib, Mido, Ajla and Senči into a web of corruption, pressure, personal failures, poverty, hopelessness and international crime. Investigating a case that gets more complicated by the minute, they are forced to dive into today’s Sarajevo and make decisions that are, at their best, difficult to justify, but easy to understand.