The Highlands


Year: 2023

Country of origin: Croatia

Producer: Danijel Pek (Antitalent)

Co-production: HRT

Broadcaster: HRT

Directors: Mladen Dizdar, Aldo Tardozzi, Radislav Jovanov Gonzo

Writers: Maja Pek-Brunjes, Dora Šustić, Daria Stilin, Rene Gallo

Actors: Kristijan Petelin, Ugo Koranj, Dinka Vuković, Sandra Lončarić, Jasmin Mekić, Aleksandar Cvjetković, Barbara Nola, Romina Tonković, Lucija Rukavina

Synopsis: The Highlands (org. Gora) is a 22-episode procedural drama television series that follows a mountain search and rescue service team. Each episode features a rescue mission, their causes ranging from illegal activities, natural disasters, and negligent and reckless conduct – to lighter fares such as eternally unprepared tourists. Besides saving lives and preventing greater accidents, our heroes encounter alienated, lonely people who have lost their way not only on the mountain but in their own lives. The show opens up socially relevant conversations such as peer and online violence, generational change, alienation, growing up, gender inequality and many others.

The Highlands: Trailer

The Highlands: Episode 16