The Cottagers II

Osada II

Year: 2023

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Producers: Petr Erben, Josef Viewegh (Czech Television)

Broadcaster: Czech Television

Director: Radek Bajgar

Writer: Petr Kolečko

Actors: Martin Myšička, Pavla Beretová, Leontýnka Zimová, Radek Holub, Petra Nesvačilová, Igor Bareš, Ivana Chýlková, Stanislav Majer

Synopsis: Czechs spend a lot of time at their country cottages. They love their cottages. They go there to have a good time. And they will enjoy the stay even if it kills them. Before them, their grandparents and parents would go to the Záhoří cottage colony, and now their children will go there. The same rules and traditions still apply, despite the fact that the world has changed. Some have become rich, some not. They are rightists and leftists, born in Prague or Moravia, liberals and lovers of traditional values, old and young. They have grown worlds apart. They see everything through different eyes. They don’t agree at work, when watching TV, or during an election. In fact, it is unlikely they would ever meet at all. And that is the atmosphere in the cottage colony from Friday through Sunday. But eventually everyone manages to return to what is most important and common to them all: to have a good time in their cottages. To have a good time even if it means being on their last legs. And that is also the wise message Czechs could share with the fallen-out world: spend time at your cottages and there will be no more wars in the world, only a good time for everyone!

The Cottagers II: TRAILER

The Cottagers II: Episode 1