South Wind – On Edge

Južni vetar – Na granici

Year: 2022

Country of origin: Serbia

Production: Telekom Srbija, Režim, RTS

Broadcaster: Superstar TV

Director: Miloš Avramović

Writers: Miloš Avramović, Petar Mihajlović

Actors: Miloš Biković, Jovana Stojiljković, Miodrag Miki Manojlović, Aleksandra Berček, Radovan Vujović

Synopsis: The series South Wind: On the Edgre deals with the struggle of world powers – Russia, America and Europe, criminal connections and corruption, conflicting interests, in the center of which is Serbia and our heroes.

The life story of the leader of the Serbian underworld, the drug lord Petar Maraš, is approaching its inevitable end. After buying land on the planned route of the South Stream gas pipeline to supply Western Europe with Russian gas, he tries to save himself and his team by blackmailing the state. However, it quickly becomes clear that Marash has to make a lot of risky moves in order for him, along with his family and crew, to survive the war that his platoon Red has forced upon them.

South Wind – On Edge: Trailer

South Wind – On Edge: Episode 10