Moth Hunting

Polowanie na ćmy

Year: 2023

Country of origin: Poland

Producer: Krystyna Świeca (TVP), Michał Kwieciński (Akson Studio)

Broadcaster: TVP

Director: Michał Rogalski

Writer: Katarzyna Tybinka, Anna Gabryś

Actors: Sonia Mietelica, Monika Krzywkowska, Daria Polunina, Przemysław Stippa

Synopsis: Warsaw 1905. A young girl, entangled with independence activists, who gets out of prison and is sold to the high-end brothel of Franciszka Szlimakowska. She takes the name “Yvette” and decides to earn money working as a prostitute so she can join her beloved in Siberia. She wants to take her life into her own hands, hoping fortune will smile upon her. However, she does not anticipate the coming storm resulting from a political conspiracy of General Margrafsky, the head of Okhrana, a secret police-force of the Russian Empire, carried out with the help of one of the most dangerous men of the Warsaw underworld – a corrupt policeman, Wiktor Grun. Warsaw brothels will fall victim to the conspiracy.

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Moth Hunting: Episode 1