Good Morning, Brno!

Dobré ráno, Brno!

Year: 2022

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Producers: Matěj Stehlík, Michal Reitler (Czech Television)

Broadcaster: Czech Television

Director: Jan Prušinovský

Writer: Jan Prušinovský

Actors: Jan Kolařík, Zuzana Zlatohlávková, Ondřej Kokorský, Simona Lewandowska

Synopsis: The comedy by director Jan Prušinovský, who premiered the series Most! at the 2018 festival, is set in Brno this time. Specifically, in the regional studio of the Czech Television, where for years a morning show has been produced for those who get up early. The main characters of the show, which is a benchmark for lack of ambition, are the director and presenters in various stages of burnout and mid-life crisis. The new Czech TV series set in Brno makes fun of what has been perceived as rediscovered and hot in pop culture over the last decade – television.

Good Morning, Brno! - TRAILER

Good Morning, Brno!: Episode 1