The Professor


Year: 2023

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Producer: Jiřina Budíková (Czech Television)

Broadcaster: Czech Television

Director: Jiří Strach

Writers: Josef Mareš, Jan Malina

Actors: Ivan Trojan, Tereza Ramba, Ondřej Vetchý, Matěj Hádek, Marek Taclík

Synopsis: A three-part crime miniseries about a seemingly disparate pair of police officers who, coincidentally, become part of a Prague Homicide team. Their totally different approach to life, investigative methods and personal esprit are at odds from the start. Gradually, their differences lead them to uncover the motive and find the perpetrator of the unsolved murders and also to discover a surprising connection to the current case investigated by their seasoned colleagues.

The central character of the miniseries is Professor Stehlík, who, almost by an administrative error, gets transferred from the police academy to the homicide unit. He joins the team shortly after the detectives begin investigating the brutal murder of a young girl in the woods. He tries to make himself useful as a specialist in psychological profiling of killers. Everyone, including his relentless and tough boss Šera, thinks he’s crazy. And that’s why his boss puts him in an office with an extremely troubled young female colleague Fousová. He believes they’ll both become so fed up with their job that they will quit the department. Little does he know how valuable these two notorious troublemakers will be to him in the end…

The Professor: Trailer

The Professor: Episode 1