Bot Farm


Year: 2023

Country of origin: Ukraine

Producers: Tetiana Kuts, Victoria Gorenstein

Broadcaster: ICTV – TV channel and platform Kiyvstar TV

Director: Taras Dron

Writers: Valentine Rudenko, Taras Dron, Tetiana Kuts, Illya Pylyuk

Actors: Maksym Samchyk, Daria Legeyda, Rimma Zuybina, Victor Zhdanov

Synopsis: The events take place from 2020 to February 24, 2022 in Ukraine. The main character, Anton (25), makes his way from a simple province radio host to a successful manager of a rich company in the capital and a regional agency. The main character’s first place of work is “monkey” – a bot that executes the plan of 300 comments per day. Tasks on forms of content descend from above. The “monkey” does not know who the top is, her task is to write what they say. During the life of the “monkey”, Anton grows up and undergoes a transformation into a super-bot, but he does not understand how he becomes a part of the system and a tool of the enemy’s manpower and special services. The super bot already creates content and launches it into the masses. Cold-blooded, mindless, for the sake of prosperity and a full life.

However, the threat to his family and loved ones brings the main character to his senses: everything he has created with his own hands is part of a large system of destruction of his own country, his world of opportunities, his problem-free life, his family, and himself. Anton rethinks the influence of media, which is a tool of the information war, which has been waged in Ukraine for many years by the forces of the Russian Federation, which actually led to the events of February 24, 2022.

Anton chooses to fight for his freedom, for the freedom of his family, his country. The deep values laid down by upbringing come to the fore and destroy the world of invented and imposed priorities.


Bot Farm: Trailer

Bot Farm: Episode