Matej Lončarić

Matej Lončarić

Director of Video Operations and Media Brands, Joomboos and Miss7

Matej Loncaric is Director of Video Operations and Media Brands JoomBoos & miss7, leading media company in Croatia, owned by Styria Group. Matej joined 24sata in late 2014 to transform the cable news TV channel into a modern and agile digital video department. Since then 24sata video started to grow exponentially; From two FTE’s to 30 FTE’s plus more than 40 contractors; from 500k video views per month to 100 M video views per month on all platforms, from Facebook and Youtube to internal web player.

Matej is the founder of the biggest YouTube network in Croatia today – JoomBoos. Just one year since the launch, JoomBoos has won a particularly prestigious prize: the accolade of being among the most innovative media projects in the world at the INMA Global Media Awards in New York in 2017 – which is confirmation of the outstanding spirit of innovation. The video department has won more than 30 awards for its drama series, musicals, and talent shows, with Digiday, Wan-ifra, INMA, Effie etc. among them. Matej is today responsible for all innovation projects within 24sata – the newest one is Lvl8. – a new media gaming platform.

Matej graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. During his masters he published three scientific papers on the thesis of ‘Quality of video’ that were presented at international conferences.

Before joining 24sata, Matej had been New Media producer at Nova TV, the leading broadcasting company in the country. He was responsible for their news website that won web top 100 award in 2011 for the best online news website in Croatia.

In 2018 he finished General management program at IEDC – Bled school of management.