Kazimir Bačić

Kazimir Bačić

Director General, Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT)

“In 1984, Kazimir Bačić started working at HRT-Croatian Radiotelevision as a TV studios Broadcast Engineer, followed by CNCT and program continuity. In 2003, he became Head of Television Technology Department and Deputy General Manager for Research and Development for Television Technology, which led him to the position of Technical Director. Responsibilities included technology development and operations in TV production, as well as engagement in strategy issues of television broadcasting particularly in technological, legal, economic and programming aspects of new media.

During the years, he worked on many technical projects and personally executed projects such as: “File Based News Production”, and development and installation of two large 1000m2 production studios, “CNCT Digital Project“, “Digitalization in Continuity and Playout”, implementation and everyday use of the Backpack system and introduction of Ka-Band newsgathering equipment and implementation of Virtual Scene and HD SNG Van.
He was a member of the Croatian Government’s Strategy Group for implementation of DTT and dealt with the matter of Digital Dividend 1 and Digital Dividend 2 from 2006 to 2014.

Since 2006, he has been a member of the EBU Technical Committee, the central technical body of the EBU, which oversees the work of the Strategic Programmes headquartered at the EBU Technology and Innovation Department, as well as IBA (International Broadcasting Assembly). Since 2008, Member of IMCG (International Media Connectivity Group), previously ISOG (International Satellite Operations Group) with fourth vice-chair mandate. Since 2008, Member of Bruges Group. Since 2014, actively participated in the EBU Vision 2020 project, and since 2016, Member of the Executive Committee of IBA (International Broadcast Assembly).

In February 2017, he was appointed as Director General of HRT and in 2018 he was appointed President of COPEAM (Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators) association.”