Joško Lokas

Joško Lokas

Producer and Screenwriter of "Missing" Series, CLINICA STUDIO

Lokas, Joško, author, producer, editor and host (1971).

Started his career in 1994, at OTV. In 1995, he transferred to HRT and became part of a Sunday show Bravo as a host.
Since 1997, he has worked as an author, editor, host and producer on numerous TV projects in Croatia and abroad respectively. He has participated in TV productions as a freelancer or through independent production companies.

He has tried out acting, just for the fun of it, and portrayed different characters in Croatian TV series Novo Doba, Luda kuća and Sinđelići.
In 1997, he created a quiz show Upitnik, together with his partners, and hosted it as well. In the period it was aired (1997-2004), the quiz show Upitnik was one of the most watched and most influential shows on HRT and it opened and changed the concept of public broadcasting for the times to come. Upitnik was also one of a few products bought by the US company ‘King World’ which owned the most successful TV game show formats at the time.

Together with the above mentioned quiz show, he has created the following formats: Diplomac, HNL manager, Večeras s Joškom Lokasom, 341, Dvornikovi, Mamutica, 20pet i Šifra.
Since 1997 he has edited Upitnik, Diplomac, Jeopardy, 341, Derbi, Večeras s Joškom Lokasom, 5 minuta slave (for Branko Đurić Đuro), Dvornikovi, Kod Ane, Policijska patrola, Ostati živ, 20pet, Šifra etc.

While he hosted Upitnik, he won the award ‘Večernjakova ruža’ as ‘The best TV host’ for four years in a row.
He was also the host of Altera (OTV), Serbus Zagreb (OTV), Kratki rezovi (OTV), Bravo (HRT), Skrivena kamera (HRT), Upitnik (HRT I Nova TV), Diplomac (HRT), Jeopardy (HRT), Večeras s Joškom Lokasom (HRT), The Match (HRT), Šifra (HRT) etc.
He has been in the production business for a long time now on projects like Upitnik, Jeopardy, Večeras s Joškom Lokasom, 5 minuta slave, Dvornikovi, Kod Ane, Policijska patrola, Ostati živ, 20pet, Šifra but also for television series Operacija Kajman (Nova TV) and Mamutica (HRT).
In 2004 he helped found the company Drugi plan.

He has worked on creating and organising events for various marketing agencies since 2014.
In 2015 he was a part of the organisational team for Red Bull Air Race in the city of Rovinj, Croatia, as the area manager of Sky Lounge and Race CLUB. In that same year, he created and later organised and realised the concept for DD Produkcija for the opening of the D resort – the first marina for mega yachts in Croatia, owned by Dogus group.

In 2015 he was the editor of Ja mogu sve (RTS) for the company Emotion.
He started the production of the Wheel of Fortune in Serbia in 2016 as the editor.
Together with his partners he created and started a game show Šifra for HRT in 2016. The game show aired for three seasons.
In 2018 he started working for DD Produkcija full time to create, organise and produce events. DD Produkcija does business with Algebra (one of the most prestigious university colleges in Croatia),, Siemens, A1, Ford, Hyundai, Infiniti, Croatian Chamber of commerce, Red Cross, and many more.

In 2018, he won the tender at HRT for Mini television series (production of works) as an author, producer and screenwriter of the Mini television series Missing.
In 2019 he produced the Mini television series Missing.
In 2019 he became the host of the game show Chase on HRT.
In 2019 he created an educational league Toni Milun Liga with the most famous Croatian Maths teacher Toni Milun.