The Council of Europe, home of Eurimages and Mediavision Ltd. are proud to announce the Series Co-production Development Award, a 50,000€ grant supporting independent producers in turning their international drama, documentary, or animation series dreams into reality.



  • Projects must be at a development stage
  • Projects must be of a maximum of 10 episodes and maximum of 600 minutes (in case of animations: 700 minutes with no cap on the number of episodes)
  • Projects must be developed by one or more independent production companies established in a Eurimages member State
  • Projects must be presented by an independent production company from a Eurimages member state that has creative control of the project and with the intention of involving at least one other independent production company from a different country that is also a Eurimages member in in the co-production
  • One or more companies from one or more non-member countries may also join the project, not exceeding the maximum total participation of 30% in the development financing
  • Any project that has previously applied for Council of Europe Series Co-Production Support will be automatically excluded.


  • Download the mandatory documents needed for the submission here
    *Please sign and scan the declaration on independence and the declaration on the exclusion criteria before uploading them on the submission form
  • Applications need to be submitted by October 17th, 2024, 11:59 PM through this link
  • Projects will be evaluated based on:
    • Artistic quality (bible, audiovisual materials)
    • Potential impact of the Award on development and co-production prospect
    • Plans for sustainable development and production
  • Pre-selection jury will select at least 5 projects to the Council of Europe for the confirmation of their eligibility
  • Selected project applicants will be notified at least two weeks before the NEM Zagreb to prepare for the pitch and presentation
  • Each of the projects that are confirmed to participate in the final pitch and Q&A at NEM Zagreb 2024 will have a slot of a minimum of 20 minutes that would include the presentation and the questions from the main jury in English
  • The main jury (including one staff member of the Council of Europe) will vote on-site and decide on the winner of the award
  • In the event of disagreement within the jury, the final decision will be taken by the Council of Europe representative
  • The winner will be announced at NEM Awards ceremony during NEM Zagreb 2024


  • €50,000 non-reimbursable grant to boost series development
  • Increased visibility and networking opportunities at NEM Zagreb
  • 10-minute presentation for each of selected projects in the panel room at NEM Zagreb 2024


  • Granting the Award to a project shall not entail that Council of Europe shall support that project within the framework of Council of Europe Series Co-production Support scheme at a later stage.