This web-site, like many others, uses data collecting platforms in order to provide a better user experience such as content adjustment, as well as for marketing activities.

By using, visiting and browsing these web-pages you accept and comply with our practices described later in the text.

All data we collect are stored in a safe place. Only certain employees who need them for work activities have access and they are not sold to third parties.

Data we collect via platforms such as Google Analytics or Google AdWords are anonymized. This means we do not pair personal data with other parameters (e.g. your name and last name with other data pertaining to the use of our services). In case your configuration settings are set not to allow the collection of certain data – data will not be collected and saved (e.g. cookie blocker). If this is the option you chose, we do not guarantee an optimal user experience.

We hold the right to monitor your interaction with us and collect data pertaining to you and your use of our service, including, but not limited to your online activity, correspondence, devices and software information (e.g. operating system or Internet browser).

We collect the following information:

  • Name and last name, e-mail address and/or phone number – we can use the information only if you provide them yourselves (e.g. via a contact form or e-mail)
  • Cookies/pixels – we automatically collect general data such as time spent on web-pages, user location and device type. Cookies and pixels are gathered via Google Analytics, Google AdWords and/or Facebook platform.

We use the data we collect for:

  • Internal report generation – we find user experience important and that is why we constantly want to improve our services
  • Content adjustment – looking for information about the location of configuration settings in order to adjust the interface language and/or available content
  • Marketing activities – we use the collected data in order to advertise via platforms/advertising channels such as newsletters, Google AdWords, Google AdWords remarketing, Facebook and Facebook remarketing.

In case you want your data to be excluded from the Google or Facebook advertising network, please visit your user profiles on those platforms and change your settings pertaining to advertising, advertising activities and personal data sharing.

In case you have any questions or want your data to be excluded from our data bases (when possible), please contact us via e-mail:


Thank you for using our services.