Live at NEM Dubrovnik & online at NEM Network


Outdoor public event (or private if you choose so)
70-minute slot for screening and Q&A session with the producer/s and/or talent from the show
• Evening hours – Q&A at sunset, screening afterwards
• Outdoor setup including a big theatre screen
• Additional branding around the screen and the stage
• Possible theatre or lounge set up (depending on  the choice of the venue)
• Various F&B options available


2 months’ active online screening room on the NEM Network online platform before, after or during NEM Dubrovnik 2021
• Your company would be listed on the main screening room page leading to a separate landing page for your online screening room
• The landing page would include your contact information so that potential buyers can contact you directly
• The link for your landing page would be shareable so you could send it to anyone you’d like
• Number of shows you want to include is unlimited
• You can use all sorts of other related materials to promote your content (e.g. behind the scenes videos, interviews with the talent, photos, brochures which can be downloaded, etc.)
• We offer full technical support and solutions, you only need to deliver the materials you would like to screen

Included in the package

70-minute slot for screening and Q&A session
2 months’ active online screening room on the NEM Network online platform
2 badges at NEM Dubrovnik 2021
2 x 3-night accommodation in a single room at the venue hotel at NEM Dubrovnik 2021
Jumbo banner at the hotel entrance at NEM Dubrovnik 2021
Logo on the branded entrance wall at NEM Dubrovnik 2021
30” TV ad at the registration desk (in loop with other sponsors) at NEM Dubrovnik 20
• Personalized NL announcing your live screening + personalized NL announcing your online showroom

• Drinks (wine, beer and soft drinks) for up to 150 people at NEM Dubrovnik 2021




Production Associate
Mobile phone:+385 98 1346 328


Some of our partners that screened on NEM Dubrovnik so far