Einari Kanerva, Director, Head of Binge Business, Elisa Corporation | OTT Game has Just Started

What do you think is the best way for established Pay TV players in the region to take advantage of increase in OTT market share by going over the top?

We think that OTT should be part of any pay TV strategy, as customers have come to expect a multi-screen experience. A good way is to offer a hub of TV services for the customers.

As Head of Binge business at Elisa and working in markets such as Europe and China, what are, in your opinion, best strategies for monetizing video in the OTT ecosystem?

Content is king, and everybody in TV services needs also a content strategy to differentiate on their market and find new streams of revenue. Content can be monetised on different levels, depending on the capabilities – starting from retransmitting international linear TV channels to producing exclusive original content, or even reselling rights for other markets.

It is interesting that Elisa managed to launch the OTT service Nordic TV in China. Is that an indicator that China is a good market for European content?

There is a clear interest in Nordic and also European content in general, in China and Asia overall. This is of course niche content, but on such a huge market as China, it is still viable.

What are the best markets in the world for OTT services in your opinion?

This is a very hard question, as all markets have their own challenges and opportunities. They market that you know best yourself, is often the market that you can be successful on.

You are also launching the OTT TV service Binge in selected European markets this year. What inspired that strategy?

We see a market opportunity for a real turn-key solution, which also includes content. This effort is in line with our content strategy and growing investment in original productions.