Dušan Švalek

Dušan Švalek

Deputy CEO, CME

Dušan Švalek

Deputy of CEO at Central European Media Enterprises | TV Nova (CZ), TV Markiza (SK), Pop (SL), bTV (BG), PRO TV (RO), RTL (HR)

Dušan has more than 20 years of experience in management positions. Of these, he has spent the last 17 years in the telecommunications industry bridging the digital divide for very diverse and demanding customers.

Prior to joining CME, Dušan held senior positions as Chief Country Officer at Slovak Telekom and before that he led Deutsche Telekom’s marketing and consumer activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Now he is responsible for CME’s transformation strategy with a focus on building a business-to-consumer model. He also works closely with the digital team to ensure CME’s overall growth.

Dušan is a strong personality in the workplace and encourages others to work hard and succeed with his positive attitude and tireless energy.

In his free time, Dušan enjoys any activity in the mountains (ski mountaineering, hiking, running or biking).