“To restore the ambivalent character of the young François-Marie Arouet, tortured by his consuming ambition while, at the same time, brilliant and dark, go-getter and dazzling, the writers of the series have placed their faith in the talents of the young THOMAS SOLIVERES, who brings a welcomed ambiguity to his character. Behind the face of the leading man and his disarming smile, the actor actually conceals great cunning which can make his character seem irritating. “He inhabits his character with youthful beauty, a charming look and an irresistible passion”, says enthusiastically Évelyne Lever, the historian, specialist of this period (…).” (Le Point)





Synopsis: Thomas Soliveres (Intouchables; Cyrano, my Love) stars in this ambitious four-part French series which combines action and historical drama to explore the early life and evolution of the philosopher and visionary Voltaire.

How did Voltaire become who he was? One of the world’s greatest thinkers, known for his wit. An advocate of freedom of speech and religion, whose writings shaped the course of the French Revolution. Voltaire in Love is a four-part drama series that explores Voltaire’s early life and evolution. It reveals aspects of the gifted philosopher’s life that have received less attention: Voltaire the adventurer, lover, man of justice who had an ambiguous relationship with royalty.

Genre: Biopic / Period drama
Comissioning channel: France 2
Format: 4×52‘

Episode 1



Episode 2




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