This webinar will host a panel to discuss the evolving piracy landscape and highlights the advanced technological tools at your disposal to battle any emerging threats and ensure robust protection for live broadcasts, and streaming and video on demand (VOD) content.


The global coronavirus pandemic has changed the way content is being delivered to consumers for the foreseeable future. The ease of access to high-quality digital assets gives pirates the prime opportunity to steal this content and hurt valuable revenue. And while piracy is not a new phenomenon, with the increasing reliance on digital revenue, protecting content from illegal rebroadcast and distribution is more crucial than ever.

There is no panacea for winning the battle against piracy. Effective content security starts at production but does not end there. From script and trailer leaks, to illicit redistribution of the live broadcasts of sporting events, a comprehensive, collaborative strategy is required to ensure these valuable assets are protected. No one specific solution will solve the problem. The key is to utilize a combination of services and technologies and for rights holders, content aggregators and others to work together to secure the value chain and battle piracy head on.


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