Dennis Hodges

Dennis Hodges

Founder & CEO, Creatalyst

Dennis is the founder/CEO of Creatalyst, a global strategy boutique, that teaches executives, entrepreneurs, and educators how to solve their problems creatively and drive innovation in their organizations.

Prior to launching Creatalyst, Dennis led strategic marketing and customer engagement initiatives for a number of companies in Europe and the US over the past 30 years. Living for 14 years in Hungary taught him how to look at issues from multiple perspectives and appreciate the local nuances that shape how people view their world. Dennis has held various C-level roles including CEO and CMO, leading diverse multinational teams.

A skilled public speaker and workshop leader, Dennis has worked on five continents, including speaking at TEDx Danubia in Budapest. In his talks and workshops, Dennis mashes up strategy, photography and creative thinking to challenge the audience’s perspective and lead them to breakthroughs in their projects.

Dennis is the author of “11½ Ways to Ignite Your Creativity” (Spartan Press, 2018) and creates the YouTube video series “Creative Nibble.” He is also a fine art photographer who shows his work globally.