TV Writing Contest FAQ

  1. What are the steps for submission?
  • Purchasing Badge Contestant
  • You will receive an email with your unique Badge Contestant number and link for submission
  • Choosing a template for submission from TV Writing Contest web page based on the type of your project – scripted series or unscripted format
  • Downloading a template for submission
  • Filling all the required information in the template
  • Saving the filled template in PDF
  • Uploading your PDF file along with other required information on the link you received


  1. What does the Badge Contestant include?

Badge Contestant entitles you to enter the TV Writing Contest and submit one project per category. Also, Badge Contestant entitles you to join all other activities at NEM Zagreb event. You can secure your Badge Contestant on this link.

The Organizer doesn’t guarantee any business deals.


  1. Which application documents am I submitting?

To submit your project, please download the corresponding document and fill in the submission. Upload completely filled document in PDF. Please note the submission must not contain any private information. The badge number that will be given to you is used for the identification to ensure the anonymity.

For submitting scripted series, the requirements are:
– Logline (approx.. 300 characters)
– Outline of the idea and story along with the main characters (approx. 2000 characters)
– Outline of the plot of the pilot episode (approx. 6500 characters)
– Outline of the plot of the first season (approx. 4000 characters)

For submitting unscripted format, the requirements are:
Logline (approx. 300 characters)
– Outline of the idea, premise and concept (approx. 2000 characters)
– Outline of conditions, requirements, setting of the show (approx. 6500 characters)
– Outline of introductory episode (up to 4000 characters)

All documents need to be uploaded in English.
Only original scripts are eligible for the TV Writing Contest.
Submissions for existing TV projects will not be accepted in the contest.


  1. When is the deadline for submitting application documents?

The deadline for submissions is October 25th, 2022. Applications received after 11:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline will be disqualified.
In the event that you do not submit your application on time, you will not have access to the conference unless you pay the full price for a Badge Zagreb (difference in price).


  1. Are my application documents safe?

Yes, your documents and work are safe. You are signing Non-Disclosure Agreement by accepting Terms & Conditions. On the other hand, the preselection independent jury and TV Writing main sponsors jury will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the Organizer. Other participants don’t have access to your application documents. The rating process is anonymous.