Everything you need to know about NEM Dubrovnik Meets Zagreb 2020 and NEM Dubrovnik 2021

1.       When will NEM Dubrovnik 2020 take place?

Due to unexpected turn of events regarding COVID-19, it is currently impossible to organize NEM Dubrovnik as planned. The event is postponed to December and relocated to Zagreb creating two joint events in one: NEM Dubrovnik Meets Zagreb. It will be held from 9th to 11th December 2020 in Zagreb.

2.       What is NEM Dubrovnik Meets Zagreb?

Three fantastic days will be dedicated to the whole TV industry and will gather key representatives from both business and creative side of the industry.  The event is addressed to telecom operators, Pay TV and FTA channels, streaming services and various TV service providers, as well as numerous producers, directors, screenwriters, actors and other creative representatives of audiovisual industry. Every segment of both events will be included: panel discussions, presentations, screenings, workshops, TV Market, TV Tech Showcase, TV Writing Contest and networking events.

3.       I bought a badge for NEM Dubrovnik 2020, what now?

All purchased badges, accommodations and sponsorship packages will be valid for our next NEM Dubrovnik event which will be held 7th – 10th June 2021 in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.


If you have any additional questions, reach out to us.