WEDNESDAY | JUNE 14th, 2017 - 10:00 - 12:15

Companies that do not create new value, but merely redistribute value, cannot succeed in the long run. Therefore, this workshop will cover a structured approach to creativity and innovation:

- On a company level (understanding of entre/intrapreneurship and innovation)
- On an individual level (understanding the psychology of innovations and abilities to stimulate our brain for innovation)

Innovation and corporate entrepreneurship cannot depend on random events of “disclosing something big”, but must rely on a structured approach at the level of an individual who can produce creative solutions, and at the corporate level that processes a large number of ideas and gives them adequate support to develop them into concrete projects for the market. Accordingly, through this module participants will identify approaches which can be used in some of the most innovative activities and principles that can be used in identifying and resolving problems in order to create new value.