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Those connected to the television industry, whether through business or purely for pleasure, should definitely set aside the first few days of summer and visit Dubrovnik, where the New Europe Market conference will be held for the fifth consecutive year. A panel discussion featuring Mike Moriarty, Bojana Matović, Karin Heijink, Bartosz Witak, Salim Mukaddam and John Rossiter will deal with the burning question of who could be the losers and who the winners in the world of television in the following decade.

The future of television has arrived, the viewers only have to choose

If someone asked us whether we thought that television had changed over the last few years, we would certainly not hesitate to say that nowadays there are a lot more options to choose from and that we are able to use the time we dedicate to the medium in question more astutely.

The things brought into our lives first by Pay-TV channels and then by SVOD (streaming-video-on-demand) systems have changed the ratio of our enjoyment in front of the screen. Payments and subscriptions gave us the option of choosing how much we watch, at what time we watch, whether we want the content to include commercials…

Even though pay television brought us considerable conveniences, the wider viewership may be more appreciative of the freedom provided by VOD systems that offer, at a reduced price, what every customer wants: no binding by contract, no equipment that needs to be plugged in and no  customer service inertia when something goes wrong.

If television has entered a new era, who will be the ultimate winner: free-to-air TV, Pay-TV or SVOD systems? Or should every household be equipped with each of them in order to ensure a complete experience?

Acquiring new knowledge with acclaimed speakers

The rivalry between free-to-air television and new TV channels will also be discussed at the famous media event New Europe Market, traditionally held, for the fifth consecutive year, in Dubrovnik. This year the conference will take place on 12th – 15th June. One of the six guests who will appear on the panel “You can’t stop me: The Power of TV Channels”, is Mike Moriarty, the President of AMC and a veteran with 30 years of experience in the cable television and programming sectors.

“I’m very much looking forward to my return to NEM. It is always a remarkable few days with key decision makers from throughout the industry. As the worlds of content, channels and distribution have converged over the past years, the way we develop, curate, position and distribute our channels has forced us to constantly innovate. This is the most exciting part of our industry today. I look forward to exploring this with the other participants”, said Mr. Moriarty.

This year’s panel will place particular emphasis on whether the market is big enough for new TV channels. Could new channels be competitive and innovative enough to replace the old ones? What changes have the already established channels been forced to make in order to remain competitive?

One of the special guests this year at NEM will be Karin Heijink, Vice President of Content and Products for Viasat World International and Salim Mukaddam, General Manager and Vice President of Central and Eastern Europe for BBC Worldwide.

“Viasat World has been supporting NEM from its first year and I am very excited to be here at the 5th anniversary. NEM always is one of the best markets to visit due to the high calibre of attendees and speakers. Our industry has changed a lot over these last 5 years with the rise of OTT and SVOD services and there will be much more change coming our way in the next 5 years! I’m looking forward to exchange ideas and opinions with the other participants on this supercharged panel. For Viasat World – You Can’t Stop Us! We are always innovating and developing new ways of curating, distributing and marketing content to our viewers, as well as making sure that our linear channels stay relevant for our viewers and partners in this region”, emphasized Ms. Heijink.

Salim Mukaddam added, “Central and Eastern Europe is an important market for BBC Worldwide. Our premium British content, channels and formats resonate with local audiences and we are looking forward to taking part in the New Europe Market 2017 to further enhance our reputation in the region.”

Visit Dubrovnik for NEM, not for Game of Thrones or Robin Hood

If you still have not attended a NEM conference, but you are interested in matters concerning not only television, but the overall future of the media, you are welcome to come and learn about the novelties at first hand, from the people who are the most knowledgeable about the media industry. This is the fifth consecutive year that the NEM will take place. The speakers will include, as every year, renowned experts with considerable experience in this sector, while guests will be able to participate in the panels, the market and the informal gatherings in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, which affords a stunning view of the city.

The idea behind the NEM is to create a platform for sharing knowledge, making business deals, meeting people from the industry and exchanging ideas. Once a year, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it serves as a gathering place for national televisions, Pay-TV channels, cable and satellite operators, IPTV companies, production, distribution and IT companies and a number of other experts in this field. The good view, good company and new knowledge will ensure that you feel that your time in Dubrovnik on the 12th – 15th June was indeed well-spent.