NEM News


When we said that NEM was a market with a view, we didn’t lie which was proven at the Viasat World party that was held on the beautiful Vala Beach within Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. For more than three hours the visitors of NEM were able to treat themselves with free drinks provided by Viasat World.

A special ambient was made with minimalistic exterior design – we are sure you have noticed the little Viasat World bags with candles that made the evening even more romantic and private, yet so comfortable! But the main surprise of that evening was live music coming straight from London, UK – The London Essentials, a private band that acted more like a jukebox and showed everybody how it’s supposed to be done.

Viasat World surely enjoyed the dance moves and vocal abilities everybody showed on the beach and we can join them in that feeling. Take a look at the video we prepared from that party and remember how NEMazing it was!