WEDNESDAY | JUNE 14th, 2017 - 16:00 - 17:00

“Slice of Life” is an original short science fiction film inspired by the Blade Runner universe. It is a passionate project of Luka Hrgović and Dino Julius, two independent filmmakers from Croatia who are fans of Ridley Scott’s original cult classic.

Witness their story of creating an amazing short SF film in a garage with no budget, over a time span of three years, using only “out of the box” methods like old-school filming techniques, miniatures, back projections, matte paintings, and practical effects to create an unbelievable result.

Luka Hrgović and Dino Julius are a directing/VFX/D.O.P. team from Zagreb, Croatia. They are the founders of Julius film, a production and post production company that specializes in the production of commercials and short films.