Radisav Vulićević

Radisav Vulićević

General Manager, Arena Sport TV

Radisav Vulićević has been leading Arena Sport TV, one of the biggest regional sports TV channels, for seven years now. Arena Sport TV is present in 5 countries in the region and on its 5 channels offers exclusive premium sports content.

In its own production, it broadcasts, supports and promotes local and regional sports, which is not only a challenge, but also a prerequisite to be truly part of the environment you work and create in.

Formerly Director of Telekom Srbija, Vulićević was the first in the region to offer sports content to the owners of mobile devices on this platform, only a month after Zidane and Materazzi exchanged a few words at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Needless to say that the content in question was the UEFA Champions League, which Arena Sport’s team doesn’t let slip from its „hands“, in cooperation with the channels’ majority owner – Telekom Srbija.

Vulićević leads a team of professionals in an atmosphere of responsibility and entertainment, and successfully steers this media ship.