The conference part of NEM consists of different sessions: classic panel discussions where the highly positioned experts talk about the future industry trends – they cover various topics, mostly regarding regulations, new technologies, content that the industry is or is going to deal with, financial difficulties, various platforms, but also questions regarding the present and the future of television and new media.

NEM also organizes keynote speeches for our attendees – this way, everyone gets the chance to learn from the very best. In 2016, Mr. Christoph Mainusch, co-CEO of Central European Media Enterprises; executive director & CEO of Nova Group addressed a memorable keynote speech regarding the future of TV in a digital environment.

Besides panel discussions and keynote speeches, NEM also offers to our attendees different Q&As and case studies – at NEM 2017, Izzet Pinto shared with NEM attendees the story of how he managed to become the owner of the world’s leading ‘independent’ distributor Global Agency while he started his career being a shoe seller.

If you wish to present your company, products and/or services to NEM’s attendees, we absolutely recommend you to organize a special presentation within our panel line up where, during 15-30 minutes, you can share valuable insights with everyone and present yourself to a lot of possible new clients.