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There is never the right moment to take big steps and without taking risks in life, one cannot succeed. That being said, Izzet Pinto‘s path to success was rather unconventional.

Today, he is the founder and president of Global Agency which is known as the world’s leading ‘independent’ distributor, representing 150 selected projects from all around the world and has been contributing to the company with creation of hit formats. But his story is a story of a man who went from being a shoe seller to founder of the world’s leading independent TV content distributor of TV series, formats and films.

Maybe there is a secret to this phenomenal growth, but Mr. Pinto at one point got out there and took the first step when no one seemed to believe the big things are about to happen.

Dreaming doesn’t make you a daydreamer. Daydreamers are those acting in an unreasonable way through absurd ideas. Most importantly, they don`t take steps. I, on the other hand, was constantly dreaming, but always taking steps, said Pinto.

At NEM 2017, the biggest TV media industry event in the CEE region, Izzet Pinto will have the case study about Global Agency and its extraordinary success story. Participants will have a chance to hear all about finding ways to think outside the box and what it takes to become an international player in an industry worth billions. From being distributor of Turkish content, Global Agency went to being global business in every sense of the word. In 2012, together with TIMS Productions, Global Agency acquired the Australian factual distributor brand World Wide Entertainment and even widened its influence.

After a successful fourth edition, NEM continues to grow and introduce new business opportunities for its participants and visitors. Leading experts in the television business, managers and board members of television companies, elite producers and movie stars will gather for the fifth time Dubrovnik, Croatia. So far, NEM has had more than 3500 participants, 1500 companies, 500 journalists, 250 speakers, 60 panels and numerous networking opportunities.

Join us at NEM 2017 and let us celebrate the fifth anniversary together! Be among the very first; we already guarantee the best price if you get your NEM package which includes a pass, accommodation for three nights and transfer from and to the airport.