Hrvoje Krešić

Hrvoje Krešić

Journalist/TV Reporter, N1 Television

Hrvoje Krešić is one of the most prominent Croatian TV reporters.

He started his career in 2005 in the daily newspaper “Novi List”, where he passed all the “steps” in journalistic development, covering topics ranging from local news, science, higher education to foreign and domestic affairs. In 2011 he moved to RTL Television, where he remained for six years and as a political reporter covered all significant events at the top of Croatian politics. He regularly conducts interviews with prime ministers, opposition leaders, as well as foreign statesmen.

Apart from Croatian politics and economics, he has also been following all major European political events, such as the presidential and parliamentary elections in Germany, the UK and Austria, the attempted military coup in Turkey, as well as the work of the European Council and other European institutions. He also reported from Vatican City in 2013 on the departure of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis.

He is a two-time winner of the Croatian Journalists’ Association Award: in 2009 – with Jerko Bakotin – for the best articles published in print media (for a series of articles from the Middle East, especially the Gaza Strip) and in 2015 for TV journalism (for his interview with Zsolt Hernadi, chairman of Hungary’s MOL Group).

He is a fellow of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, and a winner of the European Young Journalist Award for 2008.