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User comment: Interesting but format seems overcomplicated and confusing

User name: Denis Karam

User comment: Very original idea and making a clear cut of the BB likes it could be the one and only reality show. As a format, would needs some adjustments for the ww sale but - nothing impossible .

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User comment: The idea of combining politics and entertainment is challenging. I wonder what kind of specific target audience would be involved (30-70 is too wide and general). I guess it would be difficult to involve actual political institutions

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User comment: The General premise is a bit blurry in regards of how Concept will Play out on screen - even after reading it a couple of times it feels overly complex and colmplicated. I like the basic idea though but the way of ist constructed feels to Elaborate.

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User comment: I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT UNSCRIPTED FORMATS! But I liked this. Sort of THE APPRENTICE with politics. I guess my worry is what broadcaster would it fit: do people who are interested in politics watch the same channel as people who like reality formats? But if the machiavellian intrigues were well played and it had a smart (EARLY Big Brother) edge to it it could be very interesting.

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User comment: Typical for "post-truth" era.