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User comment: Not much to emotionally engage with in these characters

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User comment: Straightforward, easy-lovable sitcom. With a good cast and some cool lines this "all we need is love - for money" series could easily find its audience.

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User comment: A good narrative mechanism: new clients is equal to new stories. I am missing a strong theme, though. It has a clear audience target (young audience entering the work market)

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User comment: Great Story engine and premise. I would try to hammer out the basic Motives of the individuals in the Group to make them clrearly distinguishable. Also the I would recommend to Keep the Pilot simple and not add to many horizontal Story Elements. Esteblish the basic narrative structure and add more complexity later on. This could work well as a Format. I think in particular the angle on the life realities of millenials and Gen Z's gives the Show a value as a Format if it ever gets made.

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