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User comment: Too plain. Not enough happens. What is the hook?

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User comment: Tin line of comedy vs tragedy on this one. Should I stay or Should i go, Should I cry or should I laugh? ww potential if done rightly? Defo.

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User comment: The project has a clear theme, it is deep but approached with the light tone of comedy.

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User comment: The idea is solid but ist hard to get a grip on the actual tonality. The document says that the ptoratoginist have a good sense of Humor but the actual document does not Elaborate what type of Humor and tone the series will feature... is it like fleabag? new Girl? Also on a side note I would encourage to actually to some real research into typical immigrants Jobs in the UK. Become a black cab Driver in London take years of Training and is a super hard Thing to archieve and quite regulated. Ist probably more of an Uber Driver sitaution for her if at all since getting a UK Drivers License in order to get registered within itself is a hard Thing to archieve.

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User comment: Nice idea. Success will depend on the quality of the actual writing! I'd suggest maybe a couple more lead characters, include some immigrants from non European backgrounds?

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User comment: I doubt in the second season possibilities in the case that is an idea for factual. The genre of comedy-drama is fictional so I think that is some kind of hybrid but is not clear what kind.