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User comment: Interesting and commercial idea

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User comment: Tense. Once well scripted, black magic, regrets and mystery would be perfect ingredients for this "edge of seat" series

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User comment: It should be clearer which is the evolution of the main character and the theme

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User comment: I really love the idea. A strong coming of age Story ivolving local myths and Folklore. The premise is clear and strong however I would reconsider how much you tell through Flashback and also if it is the best choice to set it in the past and jump between the timelines. The Overall premise would give you the opportunity to tell a very strong coming of age Story of a Young Woman conflicted by awakening powers having to decide how much she sticks to her own morals vs using the powers for her own good. Kind of like Netflix Sabrina but less in a Comic style and more rooted int reality and magical realism.

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User comment: Good backdrop but story quest and goals need to be sharper and more dramatic!

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