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User comment: It would be nice, if pitch/ writing could "mirror" the tonaliy of the show a bit more. Tone, style & artistic approach should be exposed. What about the "special signature"?

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User comment: Nothing interesting happens

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User comment: Inbetweeners with a twist. Fun.

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User comment: The themes are too general, it is not clear what pushes the story forward

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User comment: Not much to say here. Telling the same Story through each individual of the Group of main characters is a Thing which is currently very fashionable in Serial Story telling. I don't see much added to this esteblished wrting style - which is per se not a bad Thing, but also does not spark a lot of excitment in me. The construction is solid and well laid out - it will come down to finding the Right actors to bring this to live the proper way. Not much Sales value for the international market since this is so culturally specific that it will have a hard time travelling anywhere outside central european states if at all.

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