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User comment: Possibly interesting but needs a stronger character arc and more events in the story.

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User comment: Family bonds always challenging to paste form paper to screen but also very much doable if the characters "meet" expectation and the final message is del iered. Cool.

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User comment: The main character is well described, we have the feeling that we know her. Themes that can work well with twenty-something audience

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User comment: Very Zeitgeist-y. However I fail to see a lot of redeeming Elements in the characters. There is a disbalance between the fucked up Situation of the main charcter and what goes well. I understand conceptually that this shall help to emphazise with the basal narrative Elements and the emotional Driver of the her but it feels mostly bleak. In times of covid, the Climate and economic crises i would strongly recommend to add more lighter notes to the Story telling because in particular Young adults go for more escapisitc themes.

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User comment: Great anarchic attitude; work on storylines.

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