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User comment: The plot of the show is mainly hidden in the character disposition - will need a "transformation" into action.

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User comment: Feels more like an indie movie than a series

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User comment: Does distance always build the bridges? Some good detail but the scrip could benefit with further enhancements.

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User comment: This project has an original idea and it is well developed, you can understand and commit with the characters. It has a potential large audience, as it is a dramedy on family.

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User comment: I like the premise - very clear set up. I would strongly reconsider the Format though. Eight Episodes for something which feels more like a movie or a mini series seems to much and will probalby cause to Story engine to run out of steam mid Season. I would recommend to cut out a lot of narrative fluff and just boldly produce a mini series of 3 to 4 episodes max … and don't make it returning.

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User comment: The problem here is that the sit-in-garden-and-bring-about-family-reconciliation really feels like a single story, it's a film idea, it doesn't sustain a series. The characters and themes are good but the core idea feels like an episode idea.

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