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User comment: Interesting and well realised idea

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User comment: Trill to trill as well manged on the paper.

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User comment: Solid premise, solidly constructed Story line. I would Question the format choice of nine eps per Season. this is way to Long in a market where half Seasons of six epsisodes fro streamwers become the norm and mini series are soaring. There is also a lot of narrative fluff in the document which I would root out and concetrate on the premise and tell the Story in a more condensed fast paced style instead of diving into every characters emmotional Rabbit hole just like true detective did in the first Season ore The Sinners first Season did. Except.. not so many episodes of Course.

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User comment: Nice idea, good crime engine, intriguing and original characters. Be careful PELIN doesn't keep too much in backstory and not revealed to audience for too long if she's really a protagonist. Work on crime story twists and turns.

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