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User comment: Not much plot development and seems limited in scope as a series - more like an indie movie

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User comment: Talking about society in the new normal could easily find a wide audience if distributed rightly.

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User comment: The comedy elements are there, but from the writing it is difficult to understand which is the theme linked with the main character at a deep level. There is potential but maybe needs more development

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User comment: Well constructed plot and characters however the basic premise feels more like a movie instead of a series - in particualrly one with eight episodes. Even though ist well plotted the storylines feels overengeneered and overly complex and complicated for the sake of being clever. I would recommend to boil it down and ask the Question why does this Need to be told as a series and Strip it to the bare narrative Minium and see how much Content is left and thendecide on the Format, Also the General premise is very much a happy-few Topic for an elite and will offer not much to relate for people outside These circles if it is told super intellectual.

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