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User comment: Very interesting idea if similar to recent Netflix show. Realisation is a little confusing - how does this ‘science’ actually work? Could be good but needs work and development

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User comment: Powerful subject makes it to its full potential painting it all visible. Mental health, other me and all that transparency. Simply brilliant!

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User comment: The project puts on the table an important theme: the inner conflict that every human being experiences. Every person can relate to it. Interesting idea to be developed further.

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User comment: Very cool basic premise - an interesting twist on telling stories About mental illness - however the actualy Storytelling feels convoluted and overly complicated and it the underlying question formualted in the document by the sentence... " She realizes that the Duplicates are actually the original persons, and the Originals are heartless beings concerned with power and self-preservation, prepared to do anything to rule the world." … wether or not that implictly means all humans are inherently bad.. or even more so all people with mental disorders are bad - since when splitted they become two - one good and one bad Person - makes it morally a very slippery slope and the actual storyline doesnt provide any satisfying answer to that question

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User comment: Excellent. Sharp and bold high concept idea that looks well executed.

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