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User comment: Well realised idea. Emotional depth will depend on skill of writing and characterisation. Could go either way!

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User comment: With a new wave "there is no business like a ... social media business " one hardly can go wrong if a good script is backed up with a"cool" protagonist (s). Recipe

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User comment: Good concept. We can see the characters' theme: reality versus expectation. Well written.

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User comment: Well thought out and put together. Clear structure whitch a clear premise. I would be careful to not fall into the pitfalls of gender clichees associated with typical femal Attributes like being good in communication, Manipulation etc to not perpetuate overcome gender roles. Also dont do 12 episodes… just don't - start with eight. it will be easier to Finance and find partners

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User comment: Very good. This is one of the few submissions here that captures some of the flavour of what it might be like to see the series - the writer's tones are visible.

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