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User comment: Possibly commercial idea but depends very much on the execution. Not a huge hook here - might struggle to attract an audience

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User comment: Nada is a "hope" for some other Milicas that are still with us, for herself and as a character - for this mini series. Powerful.

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User comment: Interesting writing that offers different layers of interpretation and themes: crime story+village as rappresentation of society+interpersonal relations (couple, mother/daughter)

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User comment: Why does this Need to be ten episodes? It does not feel that the Story engine supports ten episodes without sacrificing pace and Rhythm of the Show. Also from the concept it feels that there are no redeeming character traits of any of the characters in the Show. I would strongly advice to balance out the bleak aspects of the Show to Portrait also the good in the bad to make better television which will cross over more target audiences.

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